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Villa Designs Eteläranta Koskelo Taiga .
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Three gorgeous villa designs

Three different designs have already been completed at Kuoreksenniemi.

Huvila Eteläranta
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Eteläranta is a semi-detached house built from ecological materials. From the spacious 40m2 living room you can enjoy the lakeview with friends and family all year round.
. Huvila Koskelo
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Koskelo is a one-story, studio-like villa for a lover of quality design. The window walls of the living room almost bring nature indoors. All Koskelo Villas are currently sold out.
. Huvila Taiga
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Taiga on the other hand is a two-storey model of Scandinavian design and austere style. Its white-grey colouring, together with a light birch parque floor, forms an impressive unity.

All Taiga Villas are currently sold out.

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For more information or to order a sales brochure, please contact:

Kuoreksenniemi Oy
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tel. 03 447 4885
email info(at)kuoreksenniemi.fi

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